We do not only test, we let ourselves be tested.

To ensure that you can fully rely on our springs, regardless of the application and load conditions, it is not only our products that undergo quality assessments.

In fact, we are also tested and assessed by independent institutions.

This quality assessment involves tight checks on our work procedures and manufacturing processes, as verified in relevant certification from the German Technical Supervisory Association (TÜV). It goes without saying that our springs are made exclusively using certified materials.

Download the ISO 9001 certificate
Special requirements or small outputs? Our manufacturing department still literally takes it in hand.
Our feathers become smaller and smaller, but also finer and finer: With the most modern technology we guarantee the highest precision also below the millimetre measure.
Even the most filigreed springs must withstand quite a lot: thanks to innovative production and inspection procedures Engelhardt springs sustain toughest loads.
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