For micro-dimensions, utmost precision is
the benchmark of all springs.

Our springs may just be a tiny part of your system. They fulfil, however, a vital role. Just how vital can be seen in the fact that your machinery, motors, equipment and products function flawlessly.

In a world where parts are becoming increasingly smaller, the precision requirements continue to grow. This, in turn, means that more is required of spring technology. When making a 0.2 mm wire form, for example, ultra precision is vital in both the planning and the production stage.

We rely on engineering to produce springs that are not only smaller, but also finer. We are developing commensurate with customer demands, taking on increasingly complex challenges. On the other hand, we develop and adapt innovative technologies in order to pass on their evident benefits to our customers.

Special requirements or small outputs? Our manufacturing department still literally takes it in hand.
Our feathers become smaller and smaller, but also finer and finer: With the most modern technology we guarantee the highest precision also below the millimetre measure.
Even the most filigreed springs must withstand quite a lot: thanks to innovative production and inspection procedures Engelhardt springs sustain toughest loads.
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