Not yet part of the range:
The custom-made spring for you.

Before we show you what our product lines have been up till now, perhaps we should take a look at what we haven’t ventured into before – new ground that is likely to be broken in the not-too-distant future: customised spring solutions, developed to meet your individual needs.

Rather than offering a static product range, we prefer to win over our customers with dynamic development. All inquiries are dealt with within a minimum of time in uncomplicated processes along non-bureaucratic paths that lead you “straight to the boss”. On the basis of drawings detailing the individual product requirements, we work in cooperation with the customer to develop samples that are then presented to the customer for approval.

The next stage involves comprehensive inspecting and testing, which is done using innovative test engineering. The use of state-of-the-art torsiometers and compression spring inspection and test equipment ensure that our products function reliably. Thus, even the smallest cogs in the wheel of your value added chain will convince through greatest precision.
Special Models
Special requirements or small outputs? Our manufacturing department still literally takes it in hand.
For particular requirements we develop exceptional solutions: specialist springs by Engelhardt fit into every niche.
Even the most filigreed springs must withstand quite a lot: thanks to innovative production and inspection procedures Engelhardt springs sustain toughest loads.
Our feathers become smaller and smaller, but also finer and finer: With the most modern technology we guarantee the highest precision also below the millimetre measure.
Only the spring itself is still mechanical: When producing, we are focused on computer-aided state-of-the-art precision processes.
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