So that our springs demonstrate true greatness
every time they are used.

Engelhardt springs meet even the highest of quality demands. Nothing less is to be expected. For our springs – ‘unseen’ elements working behind the scenes – often have to function under extreme conditions. Our springs are weather-resistant and can withstand permanent loads, temperature fluctuations, and other extreme conditions.

To this end, our springs are tested using high-tech test equipment and procedures. Before going to the production line, for instance, optical inspections, tests and measurements, shear stress and stress distribution tests, load stage and relaxation tests, and various durability and function tests are performed.

All of our test and inspection procedures are carried out with a view to wear-and-tear and the given area of application. For additional quality assurance, random sampling is carried out at regular intervals. Here, random samples are taken straight from the production line and function checks performed.

The TÜV visits Engelhardt.
Special requirements or small outputs? Our manufacturing department still literally takes it in hand.
Our feathers become smaller and smaller, but also finer and finer: With the most modern technology we guarantee the highest precision also below the millimetre measure.
Even the most filigreed springs must withstand quite a lot: thanks to innovative production and inspection procedures Engelhardt springs sustain toughest loads.
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